We set up this branch of our company because we felt that we had a duty to do something that would help people with their finances. We could see that there were many people that were struggling financially and we wanted to do what we could to help them. Therefore, after much discussion, we decided that the best thing that we could do was to put together information on a website so that people could start to learn more about money. We hope that by having a better understanding of money and how it works. It will mean that more people will be able to make the right decisions and start to be more in control of their finances. It can be horrible feeling like your money is in control of you and so knowing what to do so that you feel in control is important and we hope that we have enough information for people to be able to start to regain control. The information is designed to be a first step which we hope will act as an enlightenment and people will then want to learn a lot more about money and how it works and find other sources of information so that they can gain even more knowledge.