Chipping Village Fete!

We are the masters of Fete’s here in Chipping Village!


And you better believe it because we believe it and that, frankly, makes it very very true.


You have to understand, readers, that every village is a little world into itself and what happens inside that world somewhat dictates what truth is inside that circle. We say things and if we all say things and we say them to each other again and again and again – they become true. True to us. True in the circle. True.


So if I say that Mrs Wilkinson’s cream buns are the most delicious in the world and everyone in the village says that and we all say it to each other all the time – then it becomes true.


If we say: ‘We are being desperately hurt by the E.U and must leave’ enough to each other and loud, loud, loud enough – then it becomes true, true, true. 



So yeah, we are having a Village Fete and yeah, it’s going to be the best village fete ever. It’s this Saturday the 14th so come down you fools!