Our Village: A Big Green Mass

The world is in constant chaos – you know that right?


No one’s where they’re meant to be, everyone’s late and there’s a ladybird on my chest. 


Trying to make sense of how it all works is really a rather futile game. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best, Oxford read philosopher or if you’re the Dalai Llama – this world is too complex for you to understand, so why try?


Even when you try and take it apart in little pieces, it refuses to be understood. Unfortunately, this is because the closer you look at smaller pieces, the more questions you are presented with. Take our little village, for example. The village is, arguably, much simpler to understand than a big city, like London. Look a little closer though and you might start to doubt that. Take the Village Hall, for example, where did that even come from?


Look closer. 


Those wooden planks that line the floor, as they have done for decades – where did they come from? Quite literally, where did they come from? What kind of tree? Where was it chopped down? Who cut it down? Who planted it? Who put it there? Are those people alive still? Where are their family? Do they live in the UK still? Or have they moved somewhere else?


That’s just the Village Hall. There are something like 30 buildings in Chipping Village. They weren’t all built at the same time – no. They were built at different times with different materials for different reasons.


It’s all too much. Just too much.