Would You Like To Hire Our Hall?

Looking for a great, multi-use venue for your next event or party?

I know what you’re thinking: ‘There are never any halls for hire near me!’

Well, if you live near Chipping then you’re gravely mistaken. Whether you’re looking for special place to celebrate a birthday, or you want to organise a music event or dance party, our historic village hall makes for the perfect venue to bring friends and family together. We make hiring a hall easy for you, offering you the full breadth of our facilities at one flat rate. All our facilities are easy to access, offering plenty of options for you in terms of lay out and setup.

Fully functioning kitchen

Our recently refurbished kitchen has got everything that you need to cater for hundreds of people, including a high-powered industrial oven, 3 range cookers complete with large hobs and a catering-standard dishwasher that will make short work of the washing up. Don’t worry if this is the first time that you’re cooking for a big crowd, we’ve got plenty of big saucepans, frying pans and serving dishes to help you get the food out. We also have 200 (give or take!) bowls and plates, as well as plenty of cutlery to go with them.

Plenty of parking spaces

There’s space for 50 cars in our car park, as well as room for 30 more in the overflow car park across the road. On the day of your event you can hire out one of our trained parking attendants to usher your guests into their spaces, so you can minimise confusion and get your event started smoothly. They’ll be on hand to wave in your guests and will even help them make their way to the hall. Each attendant will arrive with a torch and high-visibility jacket.

Sound-system and PA

Our state of the art sound system comes complete with a mixing desk and PA, so you can blast the music as loud as you like! If you’re not a technical whizz-kid, don’t worry, we can set any equipment up before you arrive and even take the time to explain how to use it. We also have a supply of microphones, microphone stands and corresponding leads, so that you can be heard amongst the din. Should you wish to hire a band then it’s wise to ensure that they know how to use this equipment, or you may need to hire a sound engineer.

Two small function rooms and a main hall

Whether you’re looking to serve up a grand banquet, or feed an army of hungry kids, our spaces offer you flexibility to get the job done. Our two small function rooms can serve as cloak rooms, kids rooms or even buffet rooms, should you wish. Our main hall has a capacity for 150 seated (including tables), with space for a dance-floor, making it ideal for wedding receptions or big family get-togethers.

Make use of our staff!

For an extra charge you can make use of our trained and capable staff. As we’ve mentioned our car parking attendants are more than capable of ushering your guests inside, whereas our tea-ladies can efficiently serve your guests with refreshments or a buffet-style dinner. Our resident sound engineer can help you get the levels just right and can even stay on to DJ should you wish, whereas our cleaners are happy to deal with the washing up and mess, should you wish to leave it in their hands.